eCard: Rebel Queen MC

Rebel Queen MC

The Queen gives a very different public appearance - performing her own rap in the grounds of Buckingham Palace!

View the Queen's first rapping performance in the grounds of Buckingham Palace with two of The Queen's Guards accompanying her on drum and trumpet. She has been given some ideas on stance and delivery from her grandchildren, especially Prince William and Harry.



Advisers suggested to The Queen that it would be good for her to try to relate to her younger Subjects and as one who has never shirked duty, she has taken this on board with her new public persona ‘Rebel Queen MC’. Rumour has it that rapping was not too difficult for Ma’am as she had been known to get on the Karaoke machine at Sandringham most Christmases with her Mother (who loved the old East End pub classics). In fact The Queen was only too keen to give it a go and is already said to be interested in taking this further...

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