eCard: Wool Ewe Believe It

Wool Ewe Believe It

The London Take Gallery shows all the latest cutting edge modern the owner, Ms Take, discusses the easily accessible themes in the work she exhibits.

Miss Take always discusses the work in her exhibitions with her most important collectors and takes a pride in truly understanding the artists' inspiration and rationale behind their work. In Exhibit No. 7, you drop in on the Private View of this show as the champagne flows and as one of these gallerist-collector discussions takes place: Miss Take explains to one of her regular art buyers, Peter Le Brun,exactly what it is that he should be seeing.



The Take Gallery, created by its owner Miss Take several years ago, is now an established London Art Gallery and prides itself in showing only the most shockingly noted on the London Art Scene today. Art buyers and collectors flock to every new exhibition, knowing that they will be among the first to see the most cutting edge work in the art world today. Exhibit No.7 is so called as it took 7 people 7 days to come up with the concept of the show and is on for 4 weeks. This particular exhibit showcases the latest from the notorious Josh-Joe King and Norma Lee Messi. When viewing this card on a computer or laptop, it is possible, once Miss Take has finished talking about the 'great works' on show here, to discover for yourself more about each piece, including what the press are saying, by just rolling your mouse over them...and there is the added bonus of course that your ecard is also featured here as one of these priceless artworks

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