About Funkycardy

About Funky Cardy

This is a new Ecard service by London based artist Teresa Narduzzo.

Funky Cardy Animated Ecards

The creative force and originator of Funky Cardy is artist and musician Teresa Narduzzo.

With her visual skills, humour, ear for an accent, love of creating characters and storytelling plus her musical abilities; making animations that people could send each other as greetings is the perfect combination of these passions.

These animations are detailed worlds of characters with depth and humour, some of whom have become so real that they are now officially a part of the team!!

Quality, Intelligent, Funny Ecards

There is currently a huge gap for contemporary, humorous, animated Ecards. This service looks to fill that gap with quality animation and intelligent humour to appeal to all ages. There are so many ecards out there that deliver one-liners for a quick joke to pass on (similar to the standard posted card)...these ecards are more like mini movies with developed characters and whole worlds to get to know. The care, detail and intricacy in each card makes them they come across as truly personal greetings cards.

Real Characters

Funky Cardy Ecards involve wonderful characters like Clever Bunny, Sister Mary Hope and Guinea in The Mini, among many others, and we hope you will grow to love them as more of their lives and stories develop through our animated ecards. These cards are not just one off animated jokes...they are whole worlds that you can step into and which we hope will become a part of your lives!

T's Background

Painting by Teresa NarduzzoTeresa's visual skills as a Digital Animator originate from her Fine Art education and many years as a practising professional Fine Artist Painter. Teresa has been making and exhibiting her paintings for over 25 years, showing in London and Europe and has work in both Private and Corporate Collections.

Teresa makes energetic abstract paintings of a sometimes vast scale and comparing the two disciplines of dynamic abstract paintings and compelling representational vector graphics shows a great diversity skills. Her experience as a painter brings a vitality and difference to her digital visual work with Funky Cardy.

Impersonations and More

The voices of all the characters are from our in-house impersonator; Teresa has always had a fascination and an ear for accents and impressions and having these voice-over skills makes the fantastic addition of being able to incorporate speaking characters in our cards.

Teresa is also passionate about music and has played musical intruments since a very early with a background in music and a fascination in new technology, she has welcomed the opportunity to also write music for the cards she animates.

Our city plays its part

Funky Cardy is London based and you may well have noticed many references to the capital in our Funky Cardy Ecards...the vibrancy and energy of this stunning city from its iconic architecture to its well-used and much-loved green spaces is a great inspiration.

The highest quality

From concept to finished piece, all aspects of each card represents a specific considered detailed vision, from the storyboard, scripting, accents, music, setting and animation; no corners are cut to get the desired result...and all aspects are done in-house...Funky Cardy offers only the highest quality of workmanship. This means that each card can take easily anything from 4-6 weeks and sometimes longer.

Taking Ecards to a new level!

The combination of all these skills and experience make for a uniquely contained and dynamic service which promises to take the EGreetings Card to a truly creative and inspirational level.

This is a work of great care and vision as this team strongly believe that there is a real need for a Contemporary Ecard service such as Funky Cardy.

Printed Card Example Printed Card Example Printed Card Example

Updating an old and caring tradition

This service also aims to encourage a dying but wonderful tradition - the culture of sending cards to communicate: This is such a personal way to say hi or thank you for a lovely evening, weekend or holiday; showing family and friends that you are thinking and caring about them...such gestures go a long way.

In this fast paced modern world many of us just don't have the time to visit card shops to find that perfect card and then there's stamps to remember and even if those hurdles have been overcome there's the post box to figure in to the process! For many of us there just isn't the time to send a card this way.

Sending a Funky Cardy Ecard solves all those problems and can be done with a cuppa at your computer in a matter of minutes Funky Cardy Post Van and one of our cards offers so much more than a traditional paper card!

As our world becomes less and less personal with disjointed communities, families spread all over the world, and doorsteps chats with neighbours being replaced by surfing, emailing and texting; the importance of connecting in a more personal way is more important than ever but also needs to move with the digital age...what better way than sending some light-hearted fun and good vibes through tasteful, well made, entertaining, quality Ecards from Clever Bunny and the rest of the gang!

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