About Teresa

About Teresa Narduzzo - Funky Cardy Artist

Since finishing her Painting MA at Chelsea School of Art, Teresa has pursued her career as a professional Fine Artist. Alongside her painting, discovering a completely different creative outlet in digital animation has allowed a freedom to express the humorous side of life!

London Artist

Teresa has been a practising artist in London since leaving her first degree in 1984 and has exhibited in London and Europe - including an exhibition at Bonham's New Bond St showrooms in London - her work is in both private and corporate collections across Europe.

Teresa works on a vast range of scales from very small to over two and a half by three and a half metre canvases. Her smaller pieces have included making paintings in digital medium.


Waking Wishes oil on canvasThis work is abstract, energetic and painterly, with a language of mark making created over many years.

The freedom from formal narration that abstraction allows was a stronger pull than continuing to make the representational work of her origins as a painter...the natural progression was to continue to breakdown form into a conversation between line, structure, gesture and colour fields until the origins were truly abstracted.


  • Foundation at Hertfordshire School of Art (St. Albans)
  • BA Fine Art (Hons) Winchester School of Art (Hampshire)
  • MA Painting Chelse College or Art (London)
  • Boise Scholarship (New York)


Animating representational scenes of characters interacting is not a huge creative leap for Teresa, as her early paintings were of cafe scenes, interiors and representations of everyday life.

T's custom-made painting trolleyThe roots of her interest in drawing /studying people and characters goes way back to a very young age when she made sculptures from studies of people. She discovered painting on Foundation Course and for the first year of her degree, made representational work with a keen interest on the methods of the Impressionist painters and how representational scenes were portrayed and broken down by blocks of colour.

The fascination with scenes of social interaction remained and discovering animation; creating visual character studies and setting scenes in which to hold a drama, was a completely natural step.


Another great thing about Teresa's work with Funky Cardy is that she is able to let loose with her love for impressions and accents; these animations need voices! Teresa's impression of the Queen has caused a lot of amusement for years on the ansaphone and now she gets to have a truly purposeful outlet for a lifetime of doing impressions!

Working in both disciplines has its bonuses!

Finally, painting on a massive scale is physically exhausting...there is only so much running up and down ladders and waving your arms in the air with palette knives and brushes that anyone can do in a day, so it is also fabulous to have an additional outlet for her creative energy once she has climbed off her painting ladder!

One main difference to keep in mind...if she has been working digitally for a while and then switches to painting; that there is no back button working on a canvas!!