Clever Bunny

About Clever Bunny

How we first met Clever Bunny (or CB as we now know her)...sometimes the most significant introductions happen when least expected; this certainly was one of those times. Clever Bunny and her world now feature strongly in our ecards with her own collection of greetings cards

Clever Bunny has so many adventures with us at Funky Cardy!

Life is never dull when Clever Bunny is around and as we have become close friends she has allowed us into her world: Go and meet her for yourself!

How we came to know CB

Clever Bunny Talking to a Cow on a Mountain Road in PembrokeshireSeveral years ago we were driving along a mountain road in Pembrokeshire...fantastic view, dramatic sky scape and there bang in the middle of the road in the distance was a we approached, it stayed where it was, deep in conversation with a very intelligent looking bunny. Eventually, in a break in conversation (which we later discovered was about the grazing rights in the National Parks), the bunny noticed us, apologised profusely and led her friend to the side of the road.

We were just about to head off when the bunny rushed over to the car and asked if we were heading into the village and if so, could she have a lift: She was due to meet her friends for a barbeque on the beach and was running a little late after a very successful day researching local ferns and liverworts for the local Bryology Society (of which she is a Founder Member). We, of course, told her to hop in and it was in this haphazard way that we met our now dear friend Clever Bunny.

Our lives have never been the same since we gave Clever Bunny a lift that day as her infectious enthusiasm for all her wide variety of pursuits has meant that we have become more and more involved in documenting some of her extraordinary and diverse projects, studies and experiments.

Clever Bunny on her electricity generating suncycleClever Bunny lives in the East of London in an old Warehouse and as a keen environmentalist, she has had it converted to generate all the power she needs plus enough for several streets around her! She also generates electricity from her suncycle invention...most of her nieghbours are very used to seeing her cycling to and from her meetings and talks while at the same time recharging her laptop, phone or new invention!

You can sometimes spot Clever Bunny cycling over the Thames River at night...a favourite time of hers to see the city and try out some of her new inventions when the traffic is a bit quieter!

There is never a dull moment when CB is around and I am sure you will agree, that once you have met her, it is hard to imagine life without her!

Clever Bunny Ecards with extra options

Some of our Clever Bunny Ecards, if you hadn't already noticed, have extra options to choose when you come to send the card to personalise the actual animation.

These cards have a range of different options you can choose depending on which card and occasion you choose...these options include names, ages, sender and more. You can select the name of your recipient if it is in our large list of names and Clever Bunny will actually say hello to your recipient by name! It's truly magical...she can also say who has sent the ecard (e.g. Mum, Uncle, Friends etc.). She is called Clever Bunny for a very good reason!!

These cards have extra options:

'Globe Hopper', 'Tobor's Tricks', 'The Importance Of Being You', 'A Christmas Retreat'... See the whole range of Clever Bunny Cards.

Card Snapshot: Globe Hopper Card Snapshot: Tobor's Tricks Card Snapshot:The Importance Of You Card Snapshot: A Christmas Retreat