Cookies policy

How To Set Your Browser To Allow Cookies

After Logging In, when trying to preview or send a card, you see a message saying you need to log in again... or you are getting an error message about cookies. Don't worry; there's a very simple answer to this, just read on.

Why Use Cookies?

Every time you log in we store a temporary cookie on you computer to validate your membership details...this cookie then lets our server know you are a legitimate member during your visit when you send a card or access any of your Members Facilities.

What Are Cookies?

There are two types of cookies - Permanent and Session and they are small pieces of data sent from a server to a computer: t Funky Cardy we only use session cookies (also known as a 'transient cookies'), unless you request to save your log - in details and then this cookie will be stored on your computer to automatically log you in at your next visit. If you do opt for this more permanent type of cookie then its only purpose will be to store your log in details.

What Do Cookies Do

Session Cookies communicate between a computer and a server during a visit to a web site. When you Log In to Funky Cardy, our server will verify your account details and send a cookie to your computer as purely an identifier for your visit...this cookie will do nothing more than tell our Server, during your visit, that you are an authorised Member and can access all Members Only aspects of our service. This cookie is only stored for the duration of your visit (so that you don't have to repeatedly give us your Log In details) is then erased when you close the Web browser.

Blocking Cookies

There are two likely reasons that you are being asked to log in again or that you are getting Cookie Error Messages - it is likely to either be a setting in your browser or in some third party security software which has a block on accepting cookies.

Browser Version

Although we offer support here for earlier browsers it is always recommended to update to the latest version of your browser to ensure that you have the latest security updates as well as the most current features.

Reset Browser Settings:

We support the following most popular browsers (to find your browser version, go to Help and click on About 'Your Browser Name'). Ensure you have the most up to date version of the browser you are using. It's easy...just follow the instructions below for your browser to change your cookie settings.

Internet Explorer (PC Users only - not recommended for Apple Users)
Select the gear icon in the top right corner of the browser > Internet Options > In Privacy move the slider to a desired setting.
You can also add specific site addresses to allow or block cookies by selecting Sites and typing in the site address then selecting Allow or Block.
Note: Cookies are enabled by default in Firefox, but if your settings have changed:
> Click on the icon showing three horizontal lines at the top right of the browser > Options > Privacy > History > Firefox will: 'Use custom settings for history'> Tick 'Accept cookies from sites' to accept cookies from all sites.
To specify sites to allow cookies for: Untick 'Accept cookies from sites' > click on 'Exceptions' and add in 'Address of web site', you can also add here any other domains you wish to allow.
Click the icon showing three horizontal lines in the top right corner or the browser > Settings > Show Advanced Settings (at the bottom of the page) > Content settings (in Privacy section) > Cookies
> Either select option to 'Allow local data to be set' or click 'Manage exceptions > Add a new exception pattern > in 'Hostename Pattern' type in our domain name:
Safari (Apple Users only - not recommended for PC Users)
Edit > Preferences > Security > Accept cookies - click in 'only from sites you navigate to'

Problem Resolved?

If your settings were set to block cookies and you have managed to change them to allow cookies then your problem should be solved. You may need to close your browser and computer down and restart in order to see if these changes have taken effect.

If you are still getting this problem, then read on.

Third Party Software Cookie Block

You could easily have some software that is blocking/not allowing cookies...this could be a programme such as Norton Internet Security or McAfee software or some other similar software.

Check your privacy or cookies settings in this software and configure it to allow You may need to close your computer down and restart in order for you changes to take effect.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to test to see if your cookies settings are causing this problem, try disabling this Privacy aspect of your software settings, close down and start up again. However, if you have software that is for anti-virus purposes, do not disable this at any time.

Your problem is still not resolved

If you have tried to resolve the problem and are still experiencing issues then follow the link below to our Help Desk Form. Just fill in the form setting your problem out clearly and we will get back to you as soon as we can.