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We accept card payments from the major debit and credit cards; Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and JCB via our secure Worldpay account and we don't hold onto your payment details.

When you join you will be taken to our secure Worldpay payment facility and if you're paying outside the UK, you will be charged in your currency at the current rate equivalent to our UK price.

As soon as your payment has gone through via our secure Worldpay portal, you will be taken to the Funky Cardy Login page. Enter your email and password details that you used to join up and you will see your own Membership Zone with your address book, Cards Sent history and Membership Details. You can start sending our cards straight away.
When you join you will be taken to our Worldpay payment facility and if you're paying outside the UK, you will be charged in your currency at the current rate equivalent to our UK price of £9.50.
You will need to subscribe to Funky Cardy to be able to start sending our cards. At the nominal annual fee of £9.50 (or the equivalent in your currency), you will be able to send our ecards for a whole year.
We currently have one payment price for membership, but we hope you'll agree that this is a very reasonable small annual charge with all that our service offers.
Once you become a member, you will have access to your Membership Zone which has a Cards Sent section, showing all details of who you sent which cards to, the date sent and even your message.
You have the right to cancel your subscription within 7 days from the day you join our service and a refund will be given, at the sole discretion of the management, depending on your service usage within that period. If you wish to cancel your subscription, simply email us via our Contact page and where a refund is applicable, we will arrange via Worldpay for this to be repaid to your original payment card.

If you would like to reset your password; click here to be emailed a link.

Just log in with your old email address and password that you joined Funky Cardy with, then type in your new email address and save.

If don't have access to your original email address that you joined us with; you've changed your email address, you are unable to use the email address you joined us with or have forgotten your email address...or you have forgotten your password - we'll have to try and find you by searching our databases.

In order to try and track down our records of you we'll need as much info about your account from you as possible.

Please send us as much information as you can find about your membership to help us trace it.

  • Your current email address which we can use to contact you.
  • Your First Name and Last Name
  • Your original email address (the one you joined us with), if you can remember it!
  • Your Password
  • The date you joined up (even an approximation would help)
  • Names in your address book
  • The reference number that we would have sent you on joining Funky Cardy.
  • The reference number from WorldPay for your transaction on joining.
  • If you have successfully sent any of our cards, the email addresses only of the first two recipients.
  • nything else you can think of which might help us find your membership details...e.g. any other email addresses you could have used or Cards Sent ID numbers.

We will email you as soon as we have checked through our records.

Check you have a connection...seems obvious but sometimes we forget to check the simplest solutions

  • If you are viewing your card on a desktop or laptop, enable Flash to get the most out of our cards: Viewing your card in Flash will enable all the interactive features.
  • You can access this either from clicking on the information or lock icon at the top left of your address bar or by going to the cog settings icon and selecting Manage add-ons then clicking Shockwave Flash object / allow.
  • Clear your browsers cache in case the card download was interrupted, then try viewing your card again.

Try clicking on our sound tester Boogie Box here...if you still can't hear any sound try clearing your cache. If you can't hear anything from our Boogie Box then the solution is with your computer/device...try the following

  • Mac Users > Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > make sure the Output Volume slider isn't over to the left...slide to the right and you should hear sound.
  • You can also get to the sound preferences by double clicking on your Hard Drive icon (Macintosh HD) > Applications > System Preferences and then as above > Hardware > Sound
  • PC Users > Start > Settings > Control Panel > or (Control Panel & Settings) > double click on the icon for Audio Devices (sometimes called Sounds and Multimedia or Sounds and Audio can vary depending which version of Windows you are using.)
  • Another way to access your settings is as follows: Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume Control
  • Once you have located your Audio settings icon, make sure Volume slider is on maximum and that Mute has not been checked....sometimes it's the obvious easy solutions that we forget to check!
  • If you still can't hear audio after changing these settings or the settings didn't need changing and you still have no audio then you will need specialist advice to establish and resolve your audio problem.

When previewing our ecards on the Send Ecard page, on a desktop or laptop, you will see the Macromedia Flash version which requires the Flash Player. Our flash versions come with all the interactive features otherwise not accessible if viewed as a video file. If you are getting a message to download the Flash Player (or Plug-In) then you either don't have a recent enough version of the player or it isn't installed on your computer. You will need to install this before you can fully view any of our ecards.

It doesn't take long - download the Flash Player, takes at the very most just a couple of minutes...note that McAffee is ticked as a default to install with the Flash Player...untick this option before clicking on Install Now if you don't want to also install McAffee.

Remove and Reinstall the Flash Player: It is possible that your version of the Flash Player is damaged, if installing the player (as above) has not solved the problems, then this could be the case and if so it will need to be removed completely from your system and then reinstalled. If you need help with this visit : Adobe Flash Player Help.

If you prefer not to download Flash or for mobile users, you can still view a video version of our cards without interactivity.

If you are sending one of our ecards to a hotmail address Microsoft's SmartScreen email filter sends some wanted as well as unwanted emails to the junk box.

If you want to make sure your recipient knows to look out for your ecard...just let them know to check their junk folder if they haven't yet added our address to safe senders as described below.

Ask your recipient to add our address to Safe Senders List

Rather than our emails always going to your recipients junk folder (with the possibility they may miss seeing your ecard), they can easily change their filter settings to allow our emails to go straight to their Inbox:

  • Send your recipient a link to this help page so they can change their settings as below or just let them know how to do's easy!
  • In the hotmail account: Select the gear icon in the top right corner of the browser >
  • Options > Preventing junk emails > Safe and blocked senders > Safe senders >
  • In the box under 'Sender or domain to mark as safe:' >Type in 'at' sign followed by; make sure there are no gaps between the 'at' sign and the address. > Add to list

Now all your ecards will be sent to your recipients hotmail inbox and not their junk folder.

You can preview all of our cards without having to become a member. Some cards have a preview limit and all come with a preview banner. But you can get a perfect idea of the ecards you could send before joining

It's quick and easy to join up...just follow the simple steps in our Membership Page where you will be taken to our secure Worldpay account to make your payment...only £9.50 or the equivalent in your currency. After which you will be able to send our ecards for a whole year.

Once a member, just log in with the email and password details you used to join up and you will see your own Membership Zone with your own address book, your Cards Sent history and your Membership Details.

  • Your Funky Cardy Address Book - store details of up to 100 friends and family inlcuding their birthdays. Addresses can automatically be added from the Send Card page as you go to send someone a card, or you can fill your address book first then access your addresses after you select to send a card.
  • Birthday reminders - if you add a birthday to someone's name and address, you can opt for us to send you reminder email when their birthday is coming up, so you never forget a birthday again.
  • Plan ahead...prepare a card to send at a future date (as long as that is in your membership period) and we will send the card at the right time for you. This way you can send your greetings when it suits you and let us take the strain of getting it there at the right time.
  • Preview your card before you send it, so you can see how your personal message looks and also experience any animation changes you may have made to personalise your card...see the next section on Clever Bunny to find out about this.
  • Personalise the animation - some of our ecards in our Clever Bunny Collection have extra options to make your card truly personal; choose from hundreds of names, add specific ages for birthdays and more, all of which will change the actual spoken audio in the animation. It is magical to hear Clever Bunny say hi to you by name...and to know your age! You will find available options on the Send Card page when where you also add your addresses and message etc.

Haven't found the answer? Ask us.

We normally respond within 2 business days. Answers to the most popular questions will appear on this page.