How it works

A Guide to How Our Ecard Service Works

It couldn't be simpler...once you are a member you can send any of our personalised ECards for a year, your recipients can PRINT their card with your message AND we can remind you of any important dates coming up. The process is simple...

Join Us

It's easy to become a member of follow the simple steps in our Join Us page...and it's only £9.50 for a whole year's membership.

  • Once you have selected your Country and filled in your details here you will be taken to our secure Worldpay payment page. Note the address you use here should match the address registered with your payment card.
  • As soon as your payment has been accepted by Worldpay, you will be taken to the Funky Cardy Log-In page and you can start sending cards.
  • Just log in with the email and password details you used to join up and you will see your own Membership Zone with your own address book, your Cards Sent history and your Membership Details.

What Will I Receive as a Member?

You will be able to send our Ecards for a whole year as well as being able to make use of the following features:

Address Book
Your address book will store details of 100 friends and can automatically have these added as you send cards out or you can update your Address Book yourself.
Birthday/Occasion Reminders
Birthday reminders...if you add the date of birth (you only need to know the day and month), to your address book with your addresses, then we will send you a birthday reminder email, so you will never have to worry about being late for or forgetting a birthday again!
Plan Ahead Option
Let us take the job of remembering those important dates off your mind, while you sit back and relax!
You can prepare your e-cards to send out at a future date (as long as that is within your membership period). So if you are having a busy time or are going away, you can make sure that you prepare your card at the most convenient time for you, and tell us which date you would like it sent!
Personal Card Options
Some of our ecards in our Clever Bunny Collection have extra options to make your card truly personal; choose from hundreds of names, add specific ages for birthdays and more, all of which will change the actual spoken audio in the animation.
It is magical to hear Clever Bunny say hi to you by name...and to know your age! You will find available options on the Send Card page when where you also add your addresses and message etc.
Finished Card Previews
You will be able to preview your card as it will be seen by your recipient, whereas non-members see only a preview version of our cards without their name, personal message or choice of options.
If you choose to receive our Newsletter, you will be among the first to know when one of our new cards is available!

Preview and Send Cards

You can view any of our cards before deciding which one you want to send in the View/Send Ecards page by clicking 'View' beside your selected card. Once you have chosen the card you want to send, click on 'Send Card' beside the picture of that card and you will be taken to our 'Send Card' page to fill out your card recipient details and message...the process to sending a card is very easy...

Adding/Selecting Recipient Addresses
Under 'Card Recipients' - fill in your recipient name and email address - or if you have already added them to your address book then select their name and click 'Add Selected' or 'Add Everyone'.
Automatically Save New Contact
If you want to save any new contact details then just tick the box below which says 'Automatically add new recipients to address book'
Card Options - Your Name
Just type in the name your recipient best knows you by e.g. Mum, Aunty T etc.
Some of our cards cover more than one occasion such as Happy Birthday, Congratulations and Good Luck, if this is the case then select the right occasion here for your card.
Send Date
If you don't change the default setting your card will be sent that day..otherwise you can choose a future date (within that of your membership) for us to send your card.
Extra Options
If your card has any extra options - such as with some of our Clever Bunny collection where you can personalise the animation to say your recipients name, age etc. - then select your options here...if you choose not to select any of these options then the card will know to play its default options.
Your Message
This is where you type your message which will show in your ecard and will also be on the printed card; if your recipient chooses to print it out...we recommend not writing too long a message here as then it will all fit on the back of the print-out.
Send/Preview Card
Now you are ready to send your e-card...if you want to preview it with your personal changes, then just click on the 'Preview Card' button which will bring up a pop-up window with your card...once viewed, just close this window and you can either change your options or click 'Send Card''s that simple!

Message Tips

Type A Draft
You may want to type your message out in a word processing programme first and temporarily save it, just in case your computer crashed...that way you wouldn't lose your writing.
Stuck For Message Ideas?
If you find birthday messages a bit tricky or you're plain out of ideas, then try thinking of one thing that your recipient enjoys such as walking the dog, gardening, going to music festivals, ski-ing, or even making mud pies (more apt for the younger folk out there, well one would hope!) and try and encorporate that into your message...

Your Sent Card

Once you have clicked on the 'Send Card' button the following will happen:

Email Notification
Your recipient will receive an email from Funky Cardy letting them know that you have sent them an Ecard.
Your recipient will know this email is geniune as it will have their name and yours in the subject line and will say something like: 'Dear...John Smith (name of your recipient), you have been sent a Funky Cardy Ecard from 'Jane Smith' (your name).
Link to Your Ecard
Your recipient's ecard notification email will have a link to click on which will enable them to view your ecard.
Alternative Access To Your Card
Your recipient can also access their card direct from our site using a card code which will be included in this email, with instructions that will take them to our Collect Card page where they can enter their unique card code and view their card that way.

Printable Cards

When viewing our cards from a desktop or laptop, your recipient will also be able to print a static version of their ecard (with your message on the back) this works:

Ecard Intro Print Link
There is a link to the printed card on the card introduction scene, so this can be accessed before (or after) viewing the animation.
Ecard Message Print Link
There is also a link to print the card from your message which can be viewed from the introduction scene and at the end of the's really clear and so easy to use...
Print Using Any Home Printer
Anyone with a home printer can just click on the Print Card option in their ecard and as long as the printer is turned on (!) then all that is needed is one piece of standard size letter paper in the printer and one click to print it out.
Once Printed Just Fold
After printing, the paper just needs to be folded in half and the card image will show on one side with the occasion header and caption while their message from you will be on the other side.
The Printed Card Image
The printed card is a specially prepared and based on the animation; there will either be an image of one of the entire scenes with characters in their setting or it will focus on one aspect of the card such as Tobor (Clever Bunny's prototype robot dog) doing a handstand! We think these make dynamic greetings cards all on their own!

Printed Card Example Printed Card Example Printed Card Example

How can you tell if your card has been received?

You will be informed by email from us when your recipient has accessed their card.

Cards Sent History

You will always be able to see who you have sent a card to, when you sent it and which card you have sent, on your own 'Cards Sent' page which you can access from your 'Members Lounge' (as long as you are logged in of course!).

Address Book

Your Address BookYou probably have people you regularly send greeting cards to, well you only have to enter their name and email address once into your address book and you will have it there at your finger tips whenever you want to send them a can store up to 100 addresses in your address book.

Occasion Reminders

If you never want to forget birthdays or other important dates such as anniversaries then just ask us to remind will see next to addresses that you can enter birthdays etc. and tick a box to ask us to email you a reminder...there is so much to think of in this busy life, why not just let us make this bit easier.

So What Are You Waiting For?!!

You won't find a more contemporary ECard service online and it's cheaper than sending only a couple of those ye olde worlde static greeting cards! Oh and to think you are not only getting an animated card, there's also a written story to go with each card and your recipient can print your card...

Enjoy your time with Funky Cardy.