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Teresa Narduzzo - Paintings

Teresa Narduzzo, the animator for Funky Cardy, is an abstract painter and her visual skills gained from years as a professional Fine Artist bring a vibrant, energetic depth to her work as a digital animator.

A bit of background info...

Teresa Narduzzo PaintingEducated at Winchester School of Art BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting and Chelsea College of Art, London, MA in Painting, awarded the Boise Scholarship and exhibited and collected in corporate and private collections in London and across Europe over the last 20 years or so.
Exhibtions include; The Burgtor, Lübeck, Germany; Bonhams, 'Sensory Material', New Bond St, London, and 'Gillett Square', Dalston, London

Paintings by Teresa Narduzzo

Painting by Teresa Narduzzo - Getting Close

Teresa Narduzzo - Open Exhibition

Teresa-Narduzzo Clapham Exhibition

Teresa Narduzzo Exhibition in Clapham London

Painting by Teresa Narduzzo - Getting Close

Getting Close acrylic on canvas  24" x 35"

Teresa-Narduzzo Dalston Show

Teresa Narduzzo Public Art Show in Dalston, London

Teresa Narduzzo - Shift And Balance: Hum

Shift And Balance: Hum acrylic on paper  34cm x 24.5cm

Teresa-Narduzzo Shift And Balance: Move

Shift And Balance: Move acrylic on paper  34cm x 24.5cm

Teresa-Narduzzo Shift And Balance: Now

Shift And Balance: Now acrylic on paper  34cm x 24.5cm

Teresa Narduzzo Paintings - Atrium at Bonhams Exhibition

Atrium at Bonhams Exhibition, 'Exhibit 06'   both works oil on canvas
Standing Tall   72" x 96" (183 x 244cm)
Waking Wishes  60" x 84" (152 x 213cm))

Solo Show Islington, London

Solo Show Islington, London

Open 06

Open Show: An Act of Courage (foreground) 60" x 84"
works on paper (background)

So Close

So Close oil on paper 45" x 35"

Waking Wishes

Waking Wishes oil on canvas 60" x 84" (152 x 213cm)

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