Funky Cardy Membership

We believe in keeping Funky Cardy free of flashing adverts and annoying demanding pop-ups and in order to bring this advert-free E-card service to you we have to charge a nominal annual fee to help cover our costs.

One Fee - A year's use

Your membership will give you a year's access to send as many of our existing and new cards to family and friends as you want, to personalise our animations from our range of hundreds of different options and to make use of our free birthday reminder service (for any of those important birthdays you might otherwise forget). Your recipients will also be able to print a static version of their ecard with your message.

Our payment facilities

When you join you will be taken to our Worldpay payment facility and if you're paying outside the UK, you will be charged in your currency at the current rate equivalent to our UK price. Below is an estimation of the price in some of the world currencies (prices are an approximation and may vary slightly depending on the currency rates when you join):

The Flag of the United Kingdom £9.50 UK Pounds Sterling
The American Flag $12.00 US Dollars (approx.)
The Flag of Europe €11.00 EUROS (approx.)
The National Flag of Canada $16.50 Canadian Dollars (approx.)
The Australian Flag $18.50 Australian Dollars (approx.)

We accept card payments from debit cards and all major credit cards via our secure online payment service with Worldpay.

We do not accept any cheques or cash payments and we don't hold your payment details...we leave that to Worldpay!

Join Up!

To join and start sending our cards straight away, just visit our Join Us page and follow the simple instructions.

The joining process is very simple...

As soon as you have gone through our payment process your membership will be instantly accessible. You will get an email from us to show your payment has been received and all you need to do to activate your account is click on the link provided in the email. Once you have completed the simple activation process you can start sending our ecards straight away.