Why eCards

So Many Reasons To Send Animated Ecards

Our ECards are tasteful, funny, intelligent, entertaining, personalised, detailed, different, convenient, creative, far cheaper than ordinary cards, printable, instant, reliable, always available, never out of stock, appealing to all ages, easy to send, wonderful to receive...

Sending Our Ecards Make So Much Sense...

If you are new to sending ecards for birthdays, Valentines Day, Christmas or any other occasion then read on as there are so many reasons to choose e-cards over traditional greetings cards (especially ours!)...

Oh's too late!
How many times have you remembered a birthday at the last minute and haven't had the right birthday card or any greetings card you could send?
Where are the stamps?
How many times have you remembered the date, got the card in time, but run out of stamps or don't know which stamps to use?
Oh no...when is the last post?
How many times have you missed the last post meaning your card will miss that special birthday or anniversary?

Why Funky Cardy Animated Ecards Make Sense

Will it get there on time..?
How many times have you got your happy birthday, thankyou, congratulations or get well card in the post in time and yet it hasn't arrived when you wanted it to because your postal service is unreliable (Lizzie's mail here in the UK is certainly no stranger to this outcome - in one instance a piece of mail arrived at its intended destination 15 years after it was sent!)
Posting to another country...
How many times have you left it too late to get your greetings card to another country...or you hope you have posted your card in time but realise that there is no guarantee that your card will reach it's foreign destination when you need it to?
The card shop is so far away...
How many times have you had to make a special journey to the only decent card shop around when you really don't have the time as your day is already full of a million and one things to do.

Why Funky Cardy ECards?

For so long, we have wanted to use this kind of service but there just hasn't been anything tasteful or contemporary enough out there...with Funkycardy we have come up with the kind of ecards that we would want to send out...we know we are not the only ones who have wanted a lot more from an e-card!

Do you want more from an e-card?
How many times have you wanted to send an Ecard but can't find an ecard service that makes tastefully funny, intelligent, contemporary, well-made cards which are pleasing to the eye and an inspiration to the ears?
Intricate e-cards with a difference
Unlike most e-card services currently available, our ecards are complex mini animations created by a small team who care about creating something faceless large organisation here!
E-cards with so much more...
Our ecards go that extra mile (and some!) in the care and attention to quality and detail in all aspects from the animation, story and audio (created by our in-house musician/producer) to the additional printed card for those who want to see their card away from the screen.
Quality over quantity
The most important aspect of our work is to produce high quality with that bit extra, so with our ecards it is quality over quantity every time and because of this the intricate work from concept to finished card is never rushed: The production can take anything from 4-6 weeks...we believe you won't find anything else of this standard.
Ecards, stories and printed cards
Finally, why FunkyCardy Ecards...well, these are so much more than just intricate, funny, well-made ecards (if that wasn't enough!) also get short stories with each card, interaction (so there's stuff to discover!) plus a printed card with its own caption...there's just nothing to equal this...some facts just have to be stated!!!
We don't use flashing adverts
When you visit our site or use our service, you won't be bombarded with all kinds of hard-sell flashing adverts, so you can enjoy our cards without intrusion.

Is your post reliable?

Have you ever found yourself in good time to get your card in the post and then discovered that the Sunday post that always went from your local post box AND from you main post office has now been cancelled, meaning you are spending your Sunday fruitlessly driving around trying to find a post box that still does a Sunday post and meaning that you miss that Monday birthday, making your well-planned card look like an afterthought? This happened to one of us just before the launch of this service meaning a brother's birthday card was a day late...another reason why we just couldn't wait for Funky Cardy to go live; so we could use a reliable service for our own cards!

Handwriting concerns?

Have you ever worried that your handwriting, as fabulous and expressive as it is, may be a tad illegible and that your recipient may never be able to grasp who has sent their card let alone be able to decipher the well considered message within?

It is so affordable AND will save you money

Have you ever wondered how much you spend per year on birthday cards alone, then there are all the special events throughout the can really add up.

When you join our ECard service, you can have our whole range of cards on tap to send out throughout the year at the price of less than two pints in the pub, or tea and cake for two!

Did you know our cards can be personalised and printed.

Some of our ranges have options to be personalised, our cards have appeal for adults and children alike, they bring so much fun, entertainment and laughter and the final icing on the cake; your recipient can print a static version of the card with your message on the back (a facility which most other ECard services don't offer). Let's face it, whether you are 8 or 80, we all like to see our cards when it is our birthdays or at Christmas and with Funky Cardy ECards, this is now possible from your home printer.

FunkyCardy Printed Card Example FunkyCardy Printed Card Example FunkyCardy Printed Card Example

We can make life easier with Birthday Reminders

In using our ECard service you can say goodbye to trying to remember special dates. Ask us to remind you by more having to rush to the card shop to find that perfect can look for it in the comfort of your own more spending many evenings writing your Christmas card click in your address book and the address is in place.